Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh, that's hot!

Yeah, that's a hot water bottle, fo' sho'. I gathered a bunch of scrap yarn and knit the cover based on the stitches calculated for this pattern. I made the fair isle design up on the fly, and I'm pretty pleased with it. This winter, I've also been trying to convert all my friends to using hot water bottles (for cramps, warming cold beds, snuggling with, etc.). I draw the line at tea pot cozies...at least for now.

Anyway, it's been a wonderful Christmas filled with terrariums, librarian-themed clothing, and anime cartoon series from the past.

Oh yeah, and...

Mel, that one's definitely for you.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Baubles, Bangles, & Beads

On Saturday, I did something I thought I'd never do: beaded. I'm still convinced I don't really have an eye for it since I didn't do any actually pattern work, but I will present my first ever project (you guessed it, the necklace above). I did a bit of frustration-inducing work with jump rings to hook the bit of gold chain to the strands of gemstones (real blue tiger eye, pyrite, and coral), all under the supervision of a seasoned and extremely patient beader. We also decided that the toggle was too amazing to have hiding in the back, so it slowly made its way to the front of the piece. All in all, I do love this necklace, despite it weighing a good bit.

Searching through the assortments they had at the beading store reminded me of when I was a kid and obsessed with gemstones, y'know, going to the science store or museum and searching through the piles of rocks they had in their gift stores, sorting them in little compartmentalized containers, forcing anyone within 20 feet to listen to me list the different stones I had in my collection. Then you get a little older and read Chaucer and realize stones were believed to have magical powers and you think, how awesome!, and begin to research more and more. Geez, I'm shaking my head at myself as I type this. Anyway, good times.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

blowing my mind

ah! so good! and the second song gives me goosepimples.
i'm going post crazy. where you at sistah from the same mistah?

talk to the moose

so ridiculously cute. highlights being the insane screaming, flailing around sections. now why can't gap just make clothes as appealing as their commercials?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


i am freaking out. well, actually, i've been freaking out for a while over the rodarte x target collaboration. but now that pictures are out and the collection is coming, i am reallllly freaking out on a more serious level. will i spend an entire paycheck on these things? yes. and i will be damn satisfied to do it. but it's not the purchasing that will be difficult, it's narrowing my purchases down from 55 to any number less than that. i'm gonna be lurking target's website so hard, they won't know what hit them.

via here.

down to kokomo

i had forgotten all about posting the top 5 places i'd like to visit where i've never been before. which, isn't a very difficult list considering i've only been out of the U.S. once in my life. so these places may sound all generic and boring, but i'm young and uncultured! gimme a break!

1. paris
2. greece
3. tokyo
4. milan
5. london

ugh. fashion capitals. i'm so typical it hurts. but i'm keeping it real.

walk the walk

i want new shoes so bad. and with the way i stomp around at work, i feel like i should actually say that i need them. for example:

so pretty much something flat that laces up.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here are the last pics of my trip to the Philippines that I'll show. I've been pretty lucky when it comes to traveling, but there are still so many places I'd love to go. Just thinking, the top 5 places I'd love to visit (that I've never been before), are:

1. Buenos Aires
2. Anywhere in India
3. Singapore
4. Vancouver
5. Hong Kong

(Mel, you should put up your list, too!)