Tuesday, June 29, 2010


so i feel like all i've been writing about lately is music, but that's okay. i haven't had a whole lot of time lately to take any pictures or really make much, but life will get normal again soon. and then i'll have so much to post you'll be like, i miss the music stuff. RYTE. so anyways, i speedily read through a fantastic article on npr that included a recent interview with lauryn hill and rumblings of her possible return, and that made me 10 different types of happy, nostalgic, and eager to youtube everything i could find on her. a personal favorite:

the end is my favorite part of the song. although the whole song is totally amazing. why can't more people make music like this now. i'm stuck listening to katy perry ft. snoop dogg (WHY SNOOP DOGG??) on 4 different radio stations, who play it all at the same time. plz lauryn, end the k. perry, for me.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


i'm not sure how this fantastic music project by levi's flew under my radar, but luckily i am now exposed to it and considering myself a better person with these songs in my life. the general idea of the project is to get a bunch of different artists from across the musical spectrum and have them "revive" the classic songs that influenced them. i admit, a couple i could do without, i.e. colbie caillat's flat version of blondie's maria, but here are some of my personal favorites, which i have already downloaded and am blasting into my earbuds. be prepared for video overload.

so so good.

ohh lawd, john legend. id like to shake his parents hands and say thank you.

majorly cute. minus the boots.

raspy central. i still like it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bang bang bang

oh hi q-tip, looking way super fantastic and impeccably groomed. but srsly who's the hood rat on the right. barf. teasing gone awry.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

la di da

phew it's been a busy, busy week. but finally, i feel a bit of relaxation sitting here at my little desk listening to this bit of music.

i've only ever heard the fast album version, but i like it just as much. although i have the trailer for sofia coppola's new movie to thank for turning me onto this sleepy time alternative.

that is all. good night!

Friday, June 11, 2010

go go go

so i feel as if i've been really busy, but in actuality i just forced myself to do a major overhaul of the apartment which pretty much consumed all the free time i had after work. woops. but in the hustle of bustle of cleaning up and my promotion (yay!), i did manage to pick up a few new things to replace all the bags of trash i had sitting at my door.

1 of 2 friendship bracelets sent to me from my sister (i have to fix the clasp on the other one, but it's a maroon color with gold beads). even though i haven't had these very long, i feel really naked if i don't have them on me. thanks sis!

these things aren't necessarily new, but i thought i'd throw it in here. what i wore today. keeping it cozy.

thankfully for my bank account i didn't buy all of this this week, but it's all of my new-to-the-makeup-bag things that i'm particularly pleased with. the eyeshadow up top is coming out way darker than it really is, but if you're interested, it's called punchy from mac's to the beach collection. some pastel nail polishes, a smoky gray eyeshadow quad, a peachy blush, and a sheer peach lipstick to round it all out. i might do swatches and reviews and things.

i'm considering these magazines part of work expenses since three of them are men's fashion magazines, and my job requires i be up to date with men's clothing. which, while i'm on the subject, my barnes and nobles needs to up the ante on the men's magazines, the selection is total shit. but i forgive you a little for always having russh.

next week will be a bit busy as well, but i'm on the prowl for a new camera, which means more pictures (since i won't have to steal my bf's anymore)! hooray!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Solid Gone

Make sure you turn it up, but I had to add this. Go 'head on, Carter Family.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Built By Melinda

I decided to take a shot at this Built by You pattern (well, a fusion of the 2 styles) after seeing this beautiful blouse by Nadinoo, though my attempt at fabric covered buttons was a humiliating failure. In the end, I tore the fabric off and left the buttons to shine in all their shameless, silver glory. Hussies.

On the upside, this project reconciled me with the button hole function on my sewing machine. I'm sorry I ever said one bitchy word against you, my dear, dear friend!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Running On Fumes

My success in staying awake today relies heavily on my ability to pound coffee and listen to sassafrassy music at high volume.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If It's Good Enough For Momma

Sorry for the bad pics but I really should be in bed right now anyway. I wanted to show what I've been coveting (or the idea of it anyway): Mom jeans. And yes, these are mamaduke's Liz Claiborne's.

It all started when Mel and I were in New York and while waiting in line to get into this sushi restaurant, this girl walks by with the most incredible jeans. High waisted with a tapered leg and emphasis on the hip and thigh. Probably unflattering, but either way, it was love at first sight. "Where can I get jeans like that?" I kept hounding Melanie, "please, give me some insight!" To which she replied, "I dunno, but they look like mom jeans." So, when I went home this weekend, I raided Mom's closet and came out with these. Forget boyfriend jeans; bring on the pancake butt!

And I realized that I'm wearing my dad's nice old leather belt in the pic, too. Weird.

tea for tue

Some tuesday things, for a monday-like tuesday.

I bought a little box of chocolate macarons from Whole Foods on real Monday as a little memorial day present to myself. They aren't as good as the ones I got for my birthday, but still darn tasty. Next time I think I'll try the mini whoopie pies, they're the new cupcakes y'know.

I'm in the last swipe of my MAC stick foundation and thought I'd give something else a try. I looked up a million and one reviews of Revlon's ColorStay (since I like to be an informed consumer!) and everyone gave it pretty rave reviews. So after a mini trek to Walgreens and secret swatch tests behind the lotion aisle, I managed to get the right shade in this new foundation that I must say, is much better than my MAC one. Victory for my face!

My bf bribed me to pick him up from work with a Kinder Happy Hippo, which is smart, because my sweet tooth is quite easily convinced. I practically ate the darn thing as soon as he popped into the car, but I resisted the urge so I could document the cuteness and deliciousness.

Hippo? or caterpillar with a butt?

or a crunchy wafer cookie with meringue chips on the outside with a hazelnut/milk cream filling! tastebud explosion!

necessary for life

this is not my picture, although i wish it was, because then i'd be aware that this completely mind-blowing duo existed. how do i not know what this is? how have i never seen this in my asian grocery store? what the hell!