Tuesday, June 29, 2010


so i feel like all i've been writing about lately is music, but that's okay. i haven't had a whole lot of time lately to take any pictures or really make much, but life will get normal again soon. and then i'll have so much to post you'll be like, i miss the music stuff. RYTE. so anyways, i speedily read through a fantastic article on npr that included a recent interview with lauryn hill and rumblings of her possible return, and that made me 10 different types of happy, nostalgic, and eager to youtube everything i could find on her. a personal favorite:

the end is my favorite part of the song. although the whole song is totally amazing. why can't more people make music like this now. i'm stuck listening to katy perry ft. snoop dogg (WHY SNOOP DOGG??) on 4 different radio stations, who play it all at the same time. plz lauryn, end the k. perry, for me.

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