Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If It's Good Enough For Momma

Sorry for the bad pics but I really should be in bed right now anyway. I wanted to show what I've been coveting (or the idea of it anyway): Mom jeans. And yes, these are mamaduke's Liz Claiborne's.

It all started when Mel and I were in New York and while waiting in line to get into this sushi restaurant, this girl walks by with the most incredible jeans. High waisted with a tapered leg and emphasis on the hip and thigh. Probably unflattering, but either way, it was love at first sight. "Where can I get jeans like that?" I kept hounding Melanie, "please, give me some insight!" To which she replied, "I dunno, but they look like mom jeans." So, when I went home this weekend, I raided Mom's closet and came out with these. Forget boyfriend jeans; bring on the pancake butt!

And I realized that I'm wearing my dad's nice old leather belt in the pic, too. Weird.

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