Friday, June 11, 2010

go go go

so i feel as if i've been really busy, but in actuality i just forced myself to do a major overhaul of the apartment which pretty much consumed all the free time i had after work. woops. but in the hustle of bustle of cleaning up and my promotion (yay!), i did manage to pick up a few new things to replace all the bags of trash i had sitting at my door.

1 of 2 friendship bracelets sent to me from my sister (i have to fix the clasp on the other one, but it's a maroon color with gold beads). even though i haven't had these very long, i feel really naked if i don't have them on me. thanks sis!

these things aren't necessarily new, but i thought i'd throw it in here. what i wore today. keeping it cozy.

thankfully for my bank account i didn't buy all of this this week, but it's all of my new-to-the-makeup-bag things that i'm particularly pleased with. the eyeshadow up top is coming out way darker than it really is, but if you're interested, it's called punchy from mac's to the beach collection. some pastel nail polishes, a smoky gray eyeshadow quad, a peachy blush, and a sheer peach lipstick to round it all out. i might do swatches and reviews and things.

i'm considering these magazines part of work expenses since three of them are men's fashion magazines, and my job requires i be up to date with men's clothing. which, while i'm on the subject, my barnes and nobles needs to up the ante on the men's magazines, the selection is total shit. but i forgive you a little for always having russh.

next week will be a bit busy as well, but i'm on the prowl for a new camera, which means more pictures (since i won't have to steal my bf's anymore)! hooray!