Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I'm sitting in a Sheraton somewhere in Maryland and so far I've discovered two things about myself:

1. If I talk non-stop for anything over 45 minutes, I get really tired. Like, marathon tired.
2. Room service is THE SHIT! I can't believe I was a previous non-believer, of course I would like a bowl of berries and a glass of ice water delivered to my room so I can eat it in my bed, NOW THAT IS AMAZING.  It's completely unnecessary, but come on, berries in bed while you waste life on the internet, that's perfect.

Being on the East Coast feels comfortable even though I'm not even from Maryland.  I'm just used to all this totally convenient suburbia that surrounds me.  Although it's raining like crazy here all week, which is a cruel joke to play on me since Seattle is sunny and 70's this one week I'm gone. Rude.

It's late and I should sleep so I can wake up the hotel people at 6:30 and order more berries and coffee. The perks of a mid-level corporate job.