Friday, April 30, 2010

i left my wallet in ny

It's been a couple of weeks since I've been home from NY, and while I won't delve into every detail of the trip (Billy's Bakery, High line, and many many drinks), I will do a bit of show and tell with some of the nice things I picked up:

The modest batch in its entirety.

my new favorite silk blouse.

A comfy pair of olive boyfriend shorts and a classic oversized black tee a la Uniqlo.

A baby blue striped tee and a little swimmer's skirt.

All I need is a pair of sunglasses and some sandals and I've got summer all sewn up!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

About a Boy

Sweet baby geezus, when did Nicholas Hoult get so damn fine? Okay, sure I was totally into him during Skins, but post-Single Man movie and I say goddamn! Would it be weird if I photoshopped my head into these pictures?

green thumb

Ever since spring has started, the bf and I have been able to better tend to our house greeneries. Granted we're confined to pots and glass bottles as our garden landscape, I'm still quite happy with our growing apartment plant life. I do have aloe, mint and parsley going, but I'm waiting for them to really get going so I can properly document.

This is Zach's mini-garden. He's selfishly taken the best window sill in the house, but I'm proud of his basil so he can keep it. I otherwise am still on the search for a 2nd best sill.

This is our snake Jacob. The protector of the aparment, naturally.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

get a grip

With all the free time I've been afforded due to my own calling on for a personal vacation, I've been given tons of time to do the things that truly make me happy, and with all the little things aside, I've been attempting to make an effort to write again. I used to write a lot before than I do now, but now feels different. Now I feel as if there's pressure (even though there isn't) for me to write something that I really truly care about. And while writer's block is making itself known, the main problem is finding something to write about that I honestly do care about. Do I really care about the umpteenth collaboration that whozits doing with whatzits? Not really. Do I think people haven't read (or already written about) the new bag that the house of whoever is releasing? They probably have. So in an attempt to rid myself of this writer's block and a bit of the negative vibes I'm putting out, I'm going to try and just write about whatever fancies me, so that maybe, I can get to something really, really good.

Heavy shit aside, on one of my more boring days yesterday, I went on an amazingly long walk and found myself searching for curtain fabric at the thrift store, which was a total failure (since when do thrift stores realize their gems and price it as such! wtf!). But I did manage to snag this adorable knitting magazine that had such a clean, pure style to it, I had to bring it home with me. I by no means knit at all (that's my sister), but with all that perfectly blown out hair, the sophisticated little grins that say, "oh, i wake up this way," and those plump fake eyelashes, I figured what the heck. I have a hard time finding good inspiration in magazines these days, perhaps I blame myself for overexposure, but these pictures inspire me. I may not always want to look so prim and proper, but these pictures make me want to stop with the T-shirts and plant some pearls on my neck. I suppose it's a nice breath of fresh air from all the editorials that always try to give off that "easy" air, that very throw-on-and-go type of grunge. I forgot for a second that everything wasn't all ripped and loose, and that there's still room for sophistication.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

she's got a ticket to ride

the closer i am to going to ny the more anxious i get, but in a completely positive way. i feel like i'll just want to walk and walk and walk until my legs let out and i'll have to stay there forever, legless and happy. because in ny you have no responbility, right? right! im starting to formulate a playlist for the bus ride, and i think i'm getting something really good together. said playlist includes:

in recent weeks, i have decided to do away with my previous job and focus on what i truly intended to do when i graduated. so these past couple of days i've had a bit of a vacation, and it's been the best vacation i think i've ever taken, and i haven't strayed at all from my little city. long walks and the time to sew, finally being able to finish books, and make myself tasty meals. people's ideals of what you should do with your life seems like they're just their to ruin all the fun you could have. i understand responsibility and motivation just fine, i plan to make plenty of myself and my dreams, but people seem to strictly focus on the life they should live instead of living their happiest life. cliche, i know. but incredibly true. wah wah, i'm off to get legless in ny!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Getting ready for another trip up to New York (yep, we're taking this show on the road). I've been listening to NY-themed songs and reading NY-themed lit (um, The Zoo Story does take place in Central Park...).
2. Washing my hair only every couple of days and laughing to myself about how dirty, greasy, and stinky I must look to my coworkers (seriously, I do shower. I just don't shampoo all the time).
3. Mumford and Sons!
4. Minty drinks in the form of mojitos and mint juleps.
5. My new apartment with its washer, dryer, microwave, internet, and dishwasher. What luxuries!
6. PUGS. So ugly, you have to love them.
7. Lipsticks, nail polishes, and perfume. When I'm too lazy to make myself up, which is frequently, I can always put on some flashy lipstick, spray myself down with perfume, look down at my nails, and say to myself "that's good enough!"
8. Hanging out with my homeys and listening to Notorious BIG. The combination of the two occurs way more than one could ever hope for.
9. Keeping it simple. This is the theme for the summer. Uniform: t-shirts and cutoff jean shorts. Plan: read, have a drink or two (see #4), chill, go on an adventure, sleep soundly, eat good food.
10. Zoos, aquariums, and museums. These seem to go together in my mind...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

let me see you do the tightrope

i can't embed the video, but it totally blows my mind. i need to train my legs to wiggle like that!