Tuesday, April 13, 2010

she's got a ticket to ride

the closer i am to going to ny the more anxious i get, but in a completely positive way. i feel like i'll just want to walk and walk and walk until my legs let out and i'll have to stay there forever, legless and happy. because in ny you have no responbility, right? right! im starting to formulate a playlist for the bus ride, and i think i'm getting something really good together. said playlist includes:

in recent weeks, i have decided to do away with my previous job and focus on what i truly intended to do when i graduated. so these past couple of days i've had a bit of a vacation, and it's been the best vacation i think i've ever taken, and i haven't strayed at all from my little city. long walks and the time to sew, finally being able to finish books, and make myself tasty meals. people's ideals of what you should do with your life seems like they're just their to ruin all the fun you could have. i understand responsibility and motivation just fine, i plan to make plenty of myself and my dreams, but people seem to strictly focus on the life they should live instead of living their happiest life. cliche, i know. but incredibly true. wah wah, i'm off to get legless in ny!

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