Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Revisiting My Visit

My grandparents' house...
and the road beyond. Every morning, we were woken up by the rooster's crowing (which began between 3:30 and 4).
Often, my grandpa would go outside and sit for 10 minutes (this morning, with my shadow to accompany him) to get his daily dose of Vitamin D after he had his morning cup of coffee (Jimm's 5 in 1 that not only has coffee, cream, and aspartame instead of sugar, but also contains ginseng and agaricus mushroom! Yum?).
My dad found this old bike in the shed and fixed it up...
so he could go joyriding!
(more to come)

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  1. i am going to start sitting outside for my vitamin D. lolo know's the low low. ZING!