Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'cause I can relate to The Office a little too much...

Random stuff at work:

-An enormous tub of caramel popcorn on an abandoned desk. The tub says "Popcornopolis"
-A jigsaw puzzle the entire floor can work on when they need a break. It's of 2 American Indians at sunset wistfully looking out over the land. I spend way too much time on this.
-Free food on the office kitchen table. In the summer, they tend to be fresh cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes. Right now, there's 2 types of oreos: plain and mint.
-A punching bag with a picture of Carrot Top on it.
-Funny "leftover" mustaches. For St. Patrick's Day, a mustache competition was held. Categories: Friendliest, Classiest, Most Trouble-making, etc. Last year, it was a donnegal beard competition. Rules: shave on the first day of the year, cut it into a winning style the day before St. Patty's.

Tonight, I'll check out Joanna Newsom and mourn the loss (leaving, not death) of Peter Chang. Lasted less than 2 months!

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