Sunday, July 18, 2010

mid-summer lull

i am well aware that we are in the midst of a ridiculously hot, humid summer, but i'm already getting anxious about upcoming fall purchases. i'll keep the list to a mere 2 considering i still have a ways to go till the acutal season, but these 2 things i consider necessary for a successful future in fall. maybe it's not actually just 2 things, but let's categorize.

1. everything from the Alexa Chung x Madewell collabo. i know that this may well take up a rather large chunk of my budget, but i'll go ahead and allow it. i even want that probably overpriced white tee with a bat on it. and while we're on the subject, i'd like whatever makeup the models are wearing too, thx.

2. mac's villainous villains collection. i feel like i'm already having panic attacks at the thought of this selling out. and i've already nerded out about my excitement for this launch with the mac counter lady (i know i know, get a grip). but i am literally setting aside a large sum of money for this, because i will be there day 1 of launch, and i will be buying this collection up like a crazy woman. since my birthday is in september and this is a september launch, i'll just count it as a personal birthday present and stop making excuses for myself. plus this shit is way cute, and if you deny it then you're either lying or prefer the princesses, which is lame. go back to disneyworld creampuff!

pictures from here. also where you can find the product list, so you'll have your shopping cart ready day of launch, but i'll still be in front of you at the counter, BOOYAH.

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