Monday, December 6, 2010

Lower Those Ears

I've never been good at getting dolled up (the most I wear makeup-wise is usually concealer and some lipstick), but I always imagined that if I were a guy, I'd be well-groomed and somewhat high maintenance. Pomade, cologne, silk ties, etc. I love--and cringe--when, during an old movie, some dapper gentleman gets a straight razor shave. The shaving cream is always whipped up in a little bowl with a brush, of course. And while most guys don't care much about the whole wingtip-shoe-and-pocket-handkerchief image I'm talking about, at least they do have to get a decent haircut every now and then, right? After seeing this amazing post, I've been begging for a certain someone in NY to check out an old school barber shop just for the experience. I want to live vicariously through them. Think about it:

Want a cocktail with that shave? Try the The Blind Barber.

Maybe just something straight-up classy (hell, Steinbeck AND JFK made the trip to this barber shop)? May I recommend Paul Molé, Manhattan's oldest barber shop?

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