Saturday, February 5, 2011

private eyes are watching you

in the midst of all the busy-ness at work, i've made it a point to continue working through my wardrobe in phases. i've done some serious damage as far as cleanout goes, and i think i'm finally in my last phase! i think i've sold all that is considerably cute, and now i have to gut out the old, weird things that no one should ever wear again, and donate it to one lucky (or unlucky) thrift store. i'm trying to get my closet down to things that i definitely wear. none of this "oh but i might wear it one day" stuff. just the nitty gritty. AND when i've finished my closet cleanse i've found THE perfect store to go to to bring my closet back into the right direction. only fantastic quality things, that i will somehow budget in. somehow. in the meantime, i window shopped with my friends at forever 21 for kicks ( i bought nothing! hooray!) and they played this song, which is now stuck in my head.

i usually don't like bird and the bee, but when they cover hall and oates i do :)

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