Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New and Old

Soon I'll be heading out of this town I've called home for the last ten years and rooting myself in a busy little city two hours further north. I'm nervous and excited and am already plotting how to make my experience there the kind I want it to be. My first step towards building a home is finding a home. High rises make me anxious, so those are out. Actual houses are maybe a bit too much responsibility right now (not to mention a little out of the budget), so those are out as well. So in comes this:
Thank God for garden apartments. I'm hoping it all works out and that I haven't just cursed myself, but if it does work out and the curse didn't stick, then more pictures will be coming in the future.

Now for the old. Or the newer-ish stuff from an old favorite (or old favorites--Michael Jackson and Little Wings).

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  1. congratulations! happy period of new-home-domestication :)