Monday, February 8, 2010

The Odyssey

The last leg of the Dubai trip was filled with mini day trips to Sharjah and Al Ain in buses and taxis prone to breaking down. Here's a pic of us relaxing on a grassy roundabout after our taxi broke down in the fast lane. Luckily, we had already taken lunch and tea at a local Pakistani restaurant and a stroll through the oasis, so we were more than happy to just lounge in the sun until another taxi arrived.
Once that taxi came, we made our way up the mountain, Jebel Hafeet, where you can see into Oman from the top.
The rest of the week was spent in Dubai, but it was far from boring. We had already found our favorite spots and characters, and they provided more than enough entertainment: favorite shopkeeper (dubbed Cat Man because he would often play with a furry cat figurine he had in the store whenever he was bored or tired of dealing with customers), favorite fruit juice vendor (dubbed Beefcake for obvious reasons), favorite restaurant owner (Yogesh who helped us with what little Hindi we knew, which was mostly just how to say "My name is Melinda. I like gulab jamun."), favorite hotel staff member (spry little Mr. Lobo who served us heaping portions of dessert whether we wanted them or not) and others. When it was finally time for our trip to end, the endless snowing in Virginia turned our one hour layover in London into a 24 hour adventure. But now I'm home and I promise more posts!

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  1. gulaab jamun is my favourite sweet! i hope you got to eat as much of it as you desired, and that it was excellent! glad you are back and i hope the snow situation is bettering itself over there!