Saturday, April 30, 2011


table jukebox in a small, filthy little diner. we expected amazing things, but were met with complete awfulness in a sea of grumpy old people. initially i stuck some coins in and played 'my guy' by mary wells, and then in spite of the stinky old diner and the stinky old people, i played 'teenage dream,' and 'back that ass up.' both of which provided a satisfying awkward feeling across the whole restaurant. it's the little things.

opening ceremony can do no wrong. also, i never thought i could be into a guy with neck tattoos, but this awkwardly skinny babe proves me wrong. also, this song is my new spring/summer jam.

oh, and, step clap go! is totally cute. opening ceremony, plz adopt me. i want to be a part of all you do.

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