Thursday, April 21, 2011

ze lotto

today was one of those days where all things just turned out absolutely perfect. i had a half day at work, the morning which was spent sitting in a meeting gussied up in new jersey, the weather was amazing which i actually got to enjoy whilst walking around downtown, where i happened upon a tasty bakery, a total magazine heaven/ hole in the wall, found my beloved kombucha which i've missed so much, as well as a pretty good asian grocery store! i also had time to fancy up my apartment AND have a delicious home cooked dinner! all in all, an amazingly perfect day. now im sitting here with a goopy mint mask on my face, reading through my magazine treasures and feeling pretty dang good. i feel bad for not having taken more pictures lately through all my adventures, but i think ill start up again, esp since my iphone makes it all so much easier. but for now, just some new music i'm listening to

ALSO. i won on one of those scratch of lottery things! two dollars! :) i find that it doesn't really matter how much you won, it's just that you won at all.


  1. Congratulations on the lotto victory!! Melinda and I lost everything on a $3 Bingo scratcher yesterday, but we'll be back for more soon ....

  2. thanks! zach played the same scratcher i did yesterday, but he lost! so he was totally jealous i won. but now that all four of us are playing scratchers, we can divide and conquer! more chances to win!