Monday, August 22, 2011

best week ever. seriously.

i can't remember the last time i've taken a vacation, but good lawd have i been missing out. getting in real family time, meeting the sweetest baby girl in the history of all baby girls, eating filipino food till i die, running pointless errands (which i love doing). i've got workaholic roots, but if i could vacation every month i'd be the happiest little clam. so in absolutely the wrong order, a series of photos from the best week ever.

1. this week was mostly the best ever because my sister gave birth to literally the most adorable baby i've ever set eyes on. i am not being biased, it is a fact that this baby is the cutest in the world. my sister is amazing. this baby is amazing. both are understatements.

2. my dog has gotten fatter. it's true. but i still love her and her snoring. this is her hiding from my sisters dog, who has way more energy than my little fatty.

3. TUMMY TIME IS THE BEST TIME. i can't even look at this picture, its just too fucking cute.

4. in all the hustle and bustle of the week, i managed to rip myself away for a day trip to richmond, because good god i've missed it more than i ever thought i would. my heart literally aches for this place, so when i was driving around the streets i know like the back of my hand, i was happy, heartbroken, and excited all at the same time. oh richmond. there really aren't any words.

5. ube shakes! all for me! syke. because they're terrible for you. but the one i did have was as amazing as anticipated, and next time i will get the tapioca pearls. because wtf was i thinking saying no to the tapioca pearls.

6. i walked into my closet today and noticed that 90% of my shoes are black. which is fantastic, considering this month i've accumulated three more pairs of black shoes. flats, small heels, and bigger heels. what? I NEEDED THEM.

7. okay, are you kidding me? look at this face. actually, look at those cheeks. actually, don't, because you're face might melt off from all the cuteness hitting you at once.

8. filipino food can be so so wrong, but really, who cares. because cooked blood is delicious, and filipino food tastes like home, and even if uncle whoever is causing deafness in my right ear from his karaoke ballads, i'd rather be sitting in that hot little restaurant eating this food than eat anywhere else.
vacations are rad.

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