Wednesday, March 27, 2013

bad habits

my entire life i've had this tendency to latch on to one song at a time, and listen to that one song on repeat for days on end until it turns into dead noise and i replace it with another.  one would think that i would try some self-restraint, allow the song to live a little longer while i dabble in others, and then reach back to it, but i can't be stopped. sometimes i'm embarrassed that i do this, and i'll 'private session' my spotify so no one can see that i've listened to nancy sinatra 126 times in a row.

which i have been doing for about 2 weeks now.

the recent obsession is 'somethin' stupid,' a sweet little duet with ol' blue eyes that i listen to while i get ready in the morning, while i eat my breakfast, on my walk to work, sitting at my desk, going home, while i read, as i drift to sleep. i know, it's sick.  i've even taken it upon myself to try and actually learn to sing it well, which only consists of me singing the lyrics off the internet and trying to match the pitch, which is hopeless. this is what happens when you live alone. i expect a parade of cats to come into my apartment any second and smother me to death.

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