Tuesday, March 26, 2013

holy cow!

it's been 100 years or so since i've posted on here, and if i dust off the history books, my last post was around the moment i moved life to stinky little delaware. since those quiet days where rent was cheap but friends were few, life has hop skipped and jumped me from philadelphia to seattle in a blink. and while seattle is many times over more full of life than delaware, i'm finding myself at a point of always asking "so what next?"

my mind is always all at once overwhelmed and then bored, so in attempt to give myself a bit more focus (whatever that means), i've been trying to learn more and see more and hopefully at some consequence, feel more? or maybe just feel different.

step 1. read more

i just finished reading "after visiting friends" by michael hainey, which i really only heard about because i read gq, and the author is the deputy editor (who i stalk on the sly via men's blogs). every word felt so careful and thoughtful and i didn't begin reading expecting anything in particular because i knew very little about it initially, but i'm glad that i picked it up. the whole time i felt nostalgic as i read it, which doesn't make sense since i have no ties to the story or the time period, but i could so easily create the images in my head that i felt close to the feelings. if that makes sense. it also opened up a can of worms in my mind about mortality and the swiftness of death, but like my boyfriend often tells me after i see movies or read stories that put me in a mood, "it's good to feel weird."

i probably shouldn't grade books because i have no authority, and i usually like everything, but i'll say "after visiting friends" is an A.

melinda, you should read the book and then give a proper assessment, since i'm putting uneducated opinions out in the world.

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