Sunday, August 15, 2010

day of rest

sometimes i enjoy doing lots and lots of nothingness for a whole day and it feels really good. and by nothing, i don't mean just sitting in a chair staring at the wall, i just mean nothing productive, but somehow still satisfying. for example, making several online carts of fall clothing, of which i will probably only purchase 2 things, or staring all day long at the new mac venomous villains swatches and making lists of things i will pre-order. also, eating chinese buffet and napping afterwards for a couple hours, after which i put on a skin firming face mask and watched youtube vids. i did manage to read a little, which is what led to the nap in the first place, but i consider this job research and thus some minor productivity.

this is one of the youtube videos i came across today, which peaked my interest because i had no idea this was an m.i.a. song even though i've heard it a hundred thousand times before at work. i always just thought it was some electro pop band, and it's kinda catchy, i don't hate it, i don't love it. it's alright, considering the rest of her album gives me panic attacks. anyways, it was linked in an article raving about her lip color, and i agree, it's a very beautiful red, i think because it's kind of metallic-y and whatever gloss is over it totally complements it. so now i'm on the hunt for this red, because at this point i need every shade of red ever created. must. have. all.

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