Sunday, August 22, 2010

a moment of clarity

so as i began budgeting my expenses in the last few minutes before my bedtime i started wishing there was just a smidgen more in my account. and after trying to rearrange some numbers to make that happen, i have decided that it is absolutely necessary to commit to a spending ban for the next three weeks! yes, a month would probably be a better span of time, but i'll consider the month mark if i'm still sane after three weeks. now this isn't a totally strict ban, but basically i'm cut off from my 2 major indulgences: 1. clothing 2. makeup. i don't ever go nuts on groceries (i LIVE off of salmon burgers and avocado), and well, after clothing and makeup my money doesn't really travel anywhere else except my savings account and the occasional chocolate splurge. so here i am. what i'm really trying to do is just get this stupid computer since my dell is on the verge of pooping out, but i think this will be a good way for me to save up for fall goodies also (forget all this end-of-summer transitional doodoo). but anways, i have plenty of nice things that i already own that don't get enough play, so i think it's time to dust them off, and give my wallet some time to think about what it's done.

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