Tuesday, April 2, 2013

head in the clouds

1. my entire life depends on spotify
2. i enjoy making playlists

it's no exaggeration that i spend 3/4 of my day listening to playlists i've made on spotify.  one of my most favorite things hands down in the entire world is my half hour walk to work, because it's a small moment of sheer bliss with just me and my music and the quiet morning.  i'd like the walk home as well, but there's way too much noise and people and noisy people.  what i really hate is when someone walks the same speed as you on a skinny sidewalk, and as much as you speed up without running, they have the pace of a movie serial killer and forever remain by your side. until your cross the street even if you don't have to to avoid this maniacal power walking competition. which i do probably 3-4 times a week.

i actually did this yesterday with a mom and her baby stroller. i crossed at the beginning of a block to beat her, and had to cross back over at the end of the same block because my apartment building was literally in the middle of this one stupid fucking block, which means i had to walk back down to get to my door. we intercepted at the end of the block.  i regretted the whole thing. but i had my headphones on, so i was invincible to all judgement.

okay, playlists;

different days require different playlists. for happy days, i listen to my "smize" mix (#tyra). for stormy days, i listen to "thunderclouds". and for days like today, where i'm foggy and sleepy and want to lay down on a giant beethoven-esque dog belly, i listen to my "dreamy" playlist.  this is my favorite song on it. when i listen to it i tend to daydream and i stop paying attention to important things, like buses speeding towards me, or my boss calling my name.

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