Thursday, April 25, 2013

my mind's telling me no. and my body. my body's telling me hell no.

so yesterday i thought it'd be a good idea to go to some kind of kick/jump/punchy gym class that made my out of shapeness so painfully obvious, and then chug 3 glasses of diet coke at around 9pm last night before bed. cut to me at 1:00 am with my entire body aching and the diet coke deciding to kick in at a really inconvenient time. my body is punishing me for consuming soda, so now i'm watching coachella youtube videos and daydreaming about vacations and a life with no responsibility. if that were the case, i'd do the following:

after being spoiled with having my sister & boyfriend here in the same week, i knew that i'd have to work extra hard to keep my spirits up in the time following. so far i just keep eating chocolate which isn't at all effective, but the sun's been out and work is busy so time passes in more of a shuffle rather than a crawl.

right now i work in a cubicle that lives no where near any sort of window, it's kind of stuck within an island of other cubes and a stairwell door. but i wonder if i did have a window seat, would that make for a better work environment? or would i just stare out of the window all day wishing i was out there instead of sitting indoors, making me both unproductive and bitter? i think i'd breathe on the glass and draw inappropriate things.

so in conclusion; 

now that i've watched the same video of postal service 5 times in a row i think i'll go back to sleep.

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