Monday, January 18, 2010

click clack

in a state of boredom that far surpasses any i have felt in recent months, i started poking around the apartment looking for something fun to fill up my time (yet lacks any energy exertion, i.e. cleaning or exercising, whose fun factors can be debated). and after deciding against baking cookies and conducting a search for new music, up pops ze bf's camera and here i am. a few weeks post-new year's, and i've finally pinned down some resolutions for myself. 1) while i enjoy the pilfering of other people's images, my pilferage must be brought down to a minimum 2) in keeping with resolution 1, i'm going to set myself at a pace of at least 1 picture every other day for 2010. even if it sucks. which they might. but i feel like, with my happy little life, i forget about the little things, and take advantage of it with these silly bouts of boredom and angst. so wa lah. my pictures will be silly and amateur and blurry, but s'okay.

i obviously don't know how to work the camera's timer (much less the camera), and yes, that is the only mirror in my apartment which i had to fanaggle on top of my plastic ikea chair, but it'll do for now. nothing fancy, but consider it a kickoff. a small cluster of favorites: my new favorite dumpy sweater, my favorite hairclips, in front of my new favorite blanket, in my favorite room in the apartment. and a quick snap of my desk: magazines, potato chips, butter cookies, and to counter my junk food, an empty oj glass and my mutivites. fuel!

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