Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Emirates, Unite!

This is my second trip out to Dubai, and while it would never have made it onto my list of places to see before I die, it does hold a special place in my heart. There's such a mix of extremes here: the poor and the filthy rich, impressive metal structures popping up down the street from historic sites, (middle) east and the west, etc. And the diversity of cultures you run into here is amazing, to say the very least. I've been advised on how to wear a keffiyeh to convey certain meanings ("tying it around your waist means you're ready to roll!"), how to bargain properly ("start at half the offering price, but be ready to walk away"), and what Pakistani literature to check out (Muhammad Iqbal and Quratul ain Haider), but just being able to hear people's stories is worth the trip. That's always the best part about traveling.

abras on the Dubai Creek

a friend exploring the Historical Buildings Restoration Section

checking out the candies, pistachios, and such near the perfume souq (the unsmiling man was actually very nice)

financial district

in Bur Dubai

the Tower of Babel (or the Burj Khalifa)

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  1. I love hearing about Dubai....and I love the last picture of the Burj Khalifa with tree and moon <3