Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow way

i had all sorts of plans set for today, errands and shopping and groceries, the works! but when i peeped my head out of bed and saw the snow piling up the side of my window, i decided to just clear the day. so after lurking over the balcony on a dog fight and people's feeble attempts to move their cars, i crept back into my cave and brought out my unseasonably bright kitchen aid. i whipped up some cookies to cure the cabin fever, but now my head is full of all sorts of kitchen aid possibilities. cakes, mashed potatoes, cakes! i have also come to the conclusion, that while there are hundreds of thousands of chocolate chip recipes that exist, some rustic and some fancy shmancy frou frou business, you just can't beat the recipe on the back of the nestle tollhouse bag. it's just so right.

of course i haven't cleaned up or done anything useful, but i did find out how to make corn nuts, watched half of cool hand luke, and played 3 small sessions of borderlands. my most productive snow day so far this year. i should be catching up on all this couture stuff, but if i see another re-post of pictures from, i might have to ban myself from my google reader. in other news, the apartment below us is getting me high off of their weed smoking that is wafting through my floorboards.

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