Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hump day

today i had the day off! so aside from sleeping for almost twelve hours and downing a giant peanut butter cup for breakfast, i did manage to get a little bit of my housework in order. some paperwork here, a little blog catch up there, and i was ready to head out! but all i really managed to do was hit up one thrift store (or as my grandma says, the thrifty store, which i like better anyways), but i made out pretty good so i'm still rather pleased.

exhibit a:

some peachy silky shorts that need a bit of taking in, and a paper thin levi's cotton shirt. my original plan for the thrift store was to make out with some good thin tees, but i'll take a blue collared shirt instead. the peachy shorts aren't as impressive hung up and all big like that, but the kicker were the feathers dotted all over the fabric. who would get rid of these!

exhibit b:

a fairly unimpressive grey pocket shirt, but to the touch it's pretty buttery, which is my weakness. besides, a person can never have too many basics. i also managed to snag a flouncy, bohemian skirt that sits nicely high up on my waist. the slightest hint of spring time, and i'll be living in this and some nice high sandals. hopefully i can snap some shots of my goods in action. and hopefully they turn out better than my bf's and i's attempt at keeping our orchid alive. rip.

not a thrift store purchase, but a recent one. i paroused american apparel with no luck, but i figured i'd give their new nailpolish a go. i've yet to try it out, but the faux-chanel-jade shade is promising. i'll paint the dinosaurs too.

i'm spent.

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