Wednesday, September 9, 2009

boot-sy collins: shoe commentary

much like my sister and other cold weather enthusiasts, i more enjoy a wintry mix over sweltering heat. and yes, along with which coat i should buy this winter and an ongoing search for the perfect tight, i too have images of little boots walking around my brain. but, the most important life question of the moment seems to be: short or tall? now, per some online parousal, there seems to be a short boot uprising occuring. some are bedazzled, strapped or laced up, but the result: all short orders.

*i'm aware of the fact that a single bootie image does not an uprising make, but trust me despite my lack of illustration of the point. my collage creating skills falter past 12:30 am.

now i don't know what all this bootie business is about, perhaps a freeing of the leg? a response to last year's calf skimming boots? i suppose they are a bit "sportier," "edgier" i guess. yet amidst all this bootie, my mind is boggled. because the world is clearly not heeding the runway call of fall 2009! prada? fishing waders? rodarte? the grey leather thigh highs? why aren't imitation versions of these thigh skimming babies flooding the stores in lieu of the upcoming season? i too have questions like my fellow comrade below! i for one, support the cause for tall boots, anything from knee-high to thigh-high, i say hike it up. will you be seeing my stumpy short legs in a pair of thigh high boots? not in your lifetime. but i still think, the higher the better. just like i like my hair. and my souffles.

*a better illustration of my point, lifted straight from here. and i do not feel guilty about it.

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