Friday, September 25, 2009

letter to the editor

whenever i'm shopping around or looking at books or looking at anything really, often times if the item doesn't suit me, i think of people in my life it does suit. i.e. if i find a glorious vintage dress that doesn't quite fit or isn't really my steez, i'll do a rundown of who might love it. and occasionally i tell the person about it because my urges hit too strong (also a reason why christmas shopping gets so ridiculous, because choosing things for other people is a strange, but fulfilling addiction). i find this habit carries over to images i see as well. pictures of things i may not wear, but i know who would look fantastic in them, i.e. the images below, which i think my sistah could channel well. cardigans! ruffle front bow blouses! wide legs! i support this. i really, really do. for the complete set of images, go here. now!

*note: i know you don't like wearing stripes (blasphemy), but with or without, so dang cute.


  1. I am now on the hunt for brightly-colored clutches and/or rectangular bags.

  2. i found another red lipstick to buy! i need an intervention.