Thursday, September 24, 2009


amidst all my busy busy-ness, i managed to take some time out to celebrate my birthday! it was a quiet, quaint celebration, out during the day with bf in tow, eating tasty foods, shovelling macarons in my mouth, running unnecessary errands, watching september issue with intense glee, drinking a couple of tom collins with some bbgirlz, after which, my little 23 year old body was spent. and even though my b-day is over and done with, i still plan on self-gifting, which i typically do around bday time as a mini celebration for making it another year in this silly little world. and wouldn't you know it, i have my gifts all picked out for payday.

1. i may not need another perfume, but what the heck. pure grace smells like nothing but soap and water, and i am smitten. it's fresh and clean and smells like shower suds and i seriously can't do without. yet again, sephora takes a chunk of my paycheck.

2. most perfect. bag. ever. or maybe just for me. i want to hug this purse and lay my head on it. it may not be ubercool or hip, but i can't get over the fact that i can emboss my initials on the bag. this ain't no l.l. bean. get with it. nothing against l.l. bean.

i'm still exhausted from yesterday's festivities, so i will uncharacteristically nap. plus, i've gotta be awake later to watch my new mad men boxsets 1, 2 (and in a few months, 3!). oh happy day.


  1. dearie, you're an old woman! let's put milk in our whiskeys and catch the early bird specials.

  2. this is a very fun blog :) whiskey, shopping, life. love it! happy weekend.