Sunday, October 4, 2009

Do the Damn Thing

And by that, I mean I should post about some old sweater projects of mine. If you're knitting-savvy, you can check out the details at my Ravelry site (one day I'll write about the deep gratitude and admiration my heart holds for those clever gals who came up with the idea of Ravelry). I knit these two several years ago, and while I adore them both, I do need to start putting waist shaping in to avoid looking frumpalicious. It's funny that I say this cause I'm seaming together a new sweater right now and it also has no midsection definition. When will I ever learn? Next time, always next time.

Whenever I choose a new knitting project, I have to be certain I'm not knitting it solely because I just love the strangeness of a project idea or because I'm interested only in the challenge a demanding pattern would present. Then I have to be honest with myself about the possibility of me actually wearing the end product. Not taking this last bit into account has led to disastrous results and waste of yarn, time, and knuckle movement as are evidenced by the horrid poncho project of '04 or the dowdy cabled/bobbled hoodie that haunts my closet and inflicts guilt on me every time I clean my closet only to find it shoved to the back and purposefully forgotten about. I dub that one my monster of Frankenstein hoodie.

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