Tuesday, October 6, 2009

to serif or not to serif

Okay, so this blog post won't really be about that. It's really just a quick blurb about fun with fonts. I suppose the idea to write about this really came from me looking at a resume which was full of great content but with which I took the liberty of reformatting. I'm not a typographer in the slightest, but I do think there's a lot that one can take from a font. Emotions can be tapped into and interest can be peaked when people start using size, spacing, and fonts as mediums to use when trying to get a certain point across (haha, you won't see me doing that here!). The point can be a demand to be taken seriously or just a subtle wink to show that the person behind the writing is playful or good-natured. I'm sure most people by now have watched the documentary Helvetica, or heard about the controversy over the Ikea's switch from Helvetica to Verdana, but have you seen i love typography's Fontometer?! Read the article and then play around with the clever device. Then perhaps forget all of that and just admire this beard font:

(via Craftzine, via someone else, via another person...)

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  1. I agree!! And I love the image of the beard font