Tuesday, October 6, 2009

yum yums

after a long hiatus of generally staying out of the kitchen, as of late i'm making something of a comeback to cooking. but after several casserole dishes come and gone, i thought i'd move on to something that at least contained some meat, so last night i tried my hand at adobo, a particular comfort food of mine. i'm always weary about cooking filipino food, because if it goes awry i feel like a total failure ( i have less attachments to cakes or cookies), so after calling my parents a thousand times for specific instructions ("so i know it says brown the chicken, but mine is turning yellow?"), i let the dish simmer and i just walked away. or stood there and watched it simmer for twenty minutes, whatever. but after the blood, sweat, and tears

success! success in the form of chicken dotted with peppercorns!

follow the link to the recipe. it's simple and seemed to be pretty true to how my parents cook it. hooray!

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  1. num nums for my tum tums...

    send me some in a care package, woman!