Thursday, October 1, 2009

proud purchase of the week

although the title may seem self-explanatory, the "proud purchase" installment will discuss the one purchase out of several made during the week that i am most proud to have broken my piggybank for. just like choosing a favorite child; it's a difficult choice, but you know the real answer.

as i near the end of this week and dip my toes into the beginning of october, i make my most proud purchase of the week this late thursday night.

as daily as i take my vitamins and drink coffee in the morning, i also watch a post-work episode of mad men via boxset, and it's undeniable that the show shifts the way i dress when it's on loop; collared shirts, trousers, and a red lip (a little don, a little betty). and along with my attire change, i've been listening to swanky oldies on repeat. so after a bit of tip tapping on the web doing very serious research, lo and behold i discover there's not one, but two mad men soundtracks out filled with all sorts of things i want to listen to. or as the itunes reviewer 'oh babz' remarked, "perfect and sexy." here's some bits from the perfect and sexy tracklist:

1. on the street where you live / vic damone
2. volare / the mcguire sisters
3. lipstick / david carbonara
4. p.s. i love you / bobby vinton
8. manhattan / ella fitzgerald (personal fave)

week of september 27 : mad men, vol. 1 soundtrack

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