Monday, October 12, 2009

Proud Purchase of the Week

This weekend was a beautiful weekend to spend in Colonial Williamsburg. Sure, I had been there as a kid field-tripping, but this time around, I had my friend, a native Williamsburgian, to give me the tour. That meant cheese shops, farmers' markets, and drinking rum and eating welsh rare-bit while listening to a man in tights play the hurdy gurdy. It also meant a trip to the Scotland House (apparently known as "the bonniest shop in America") where I promptly fell in love with a tweed cape. Being a real Scottish cape made by someone in Scotland using Scottish fabric, it was not surprisingly very expensive. So how did I remedy this? Not by buying or stealing it, but by deciding to attempt to make my own. So the proud purchase is not the cape, but the cape pattern above that will usher in a new phase in my life. My cape phase. I imagine everything that occurs when I wear it will somehow be much more dramatic, epic, and interesting, and for some reason Nina Simone will be playing nonstop in the background.

Update: got the wool! check it out...

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  1. ack! i think that is so cool. happy cape making!