Friday, October 30, 2009

Do the Monster Mash!

Yes, I'm looking around me and have realized that it's that time of year I hold so dear. It's Halloween time in the office right now, and let's review what's awesome and not so awesome about it all.

The Good:
-Other people bringing in cupcakes to share. Bonus points for Halloween sprinkles.
-Cutting your hair or facial hair to enhance your costume.
-Little kids coming in all dressed up to "haunt" our workplace! (Mel, you might disagree with me)
-Group costumes. You can't all dress the same, but you can each dress as a character in a larger group (the Peanuts gang, KISS, the Pink Ladies).
-If not done in genuine good-natured fun or unintentional bad taste, gender-bending costumes. I have to admit, I like having the chance to dress in a 3-piece suit and top hat.
-Halloween sweaters. If you can't bring yourself to dress up, you can at least put on a black sweater that has a puffy paint pumpkin on it.
-Wearing a hat that resembles something while dressing normal. I don't know why, but there's a girl in the office who's wearing slacks, a blouse and cardigan, and an enormous watermelon hat, and it is cracking me up.

The Bad:
-Work-related costumes (costumes another person can't figure out unless he/she knows internal information). Kinda boring, really.
-Sexy costumes. Just not down with the nasty twist put on so many outfits. The exception to the rule is if it's something completely ridiculous, like a scandalously dressed bee keeper.

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  1. ugh. children. i loathe. UNLESS completely encased in a halloween costume, like a pea pod with only a hole for the face. or an m&m.