Sunday, October 4, 2009

proud purchase of the week

although the title may seem self-explanatory, the "proud purchase" installment will discuss the one purchase out of several made during the week that i am most proud to have broken my piggybank for. just like choosing a favorite child; it's a difficult choice, but you know the real answer.

i consider sundays as part of the new week since my work insists it is, so although this may seem a bit premature considering i have the whole week left to make my proud purchase, i have faith in this one. it's music again, but less 1960's mad men, and more pop punk noisy youth. i bought the wavves album on itunes, and so far i really really like it. it's all gritty and dirty and stinky and poppy and you can't really even make out the lyrics but that's what i like. it's just something that plays loud and fast and i can kinda scream out the lyrics without anyone ever knowing if i'm getting it right or wrong.

week of october 4 : wavves self titled album

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