Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Days of Strawberry Desserts

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie! I'm not really a pie baker, so please excuse the crust. It wasn't bad, especially when paired with vanilla ice cream from Kline's. I had decided to make this open-faced and it wasn't until afterwards that I read it wasn't that easy as just leaving off the top crust. First of all, tapioca as a thickener works best in a closed pie, and since I hadn't changed that, I should have at least covered the pie with some foil while it was baking. Oh well. This probably just means I have to make more pies in order to improve. :)

Strawberry Granita for a Tuesday night. The recipe was wonderful, though the freezing took much longer than the hour and a half the recipe estimate. My craving for this dessert came from a discussion this work about the difference between a Slurpee, an Icee, a Squishee, and a slushie. Hint: Slurpees, Icees, and Squishees are all slushies, but not all slushies are Slurpees, Icees, or Squishees (if Squishees actually existed). After all the talk about slush drinks, I started craving one and decided to go the possibly more satisfying route of making granita. Now I need to just start branching out to different fruits.


  1. you should learn how to make soy ice cream so i can eat it everyday and fulfill my craving for milkshakes

  2. the pie looks AMAZING! we blend strawberries with honey and milk for a healthy milkshake-smoothie.