Monday, May 24, 2010

nickel and dime store

So the other day I was totally pumped to spend the morning thrifting like crazy. And while the finds were not as plentiful as I had hoped, I did make out with a couple of pretty little things.

1. New vases for my weird water plants
2. Two of these glass dishes for my rings and such

I've really been liking green glass and the way it looks when the sun hits it. I'm going to try and hoard as much green glass from thrift stores as I can, in forms of vases, bowls, plates, etc. I also found some good fabric for new curtains that I plan on sewing up, but I don't want to post a picture of it until the curtains are good and ready. I'm trying to do a slow and steady revamp of my apartment, so I'll update as I make my way across.

In other pictoral news, some new and old lip things I've been frequenting lately. Lots of orange and pink and coral for the summertime haze.

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