Monday, May 3, 2010

Fresh Prints

Last week, after rediscovering old fabrics I had collected after several trips to the Philippines, I decided to hunker down and churn out a dress. I used an old pattern from the seventies but modified it to make it a little bit more modern (thinner straps, shorter skirt without a ruffled hem, and simple band trim on the bodice rather than a cuff). Also, ignore my curled silver toes; getting my picture taken always make me nervous and that's just one form of fidgeting for me.
Now that I have the first garment of the summer out of the way, I hope to take the pattern below...
...and the (badly ironed) fabrics below and make something fun. I foresee a summer sewing mixtape being created in my very near future. Anyway, most of these fabrics only came in small quantities of 1 or 1 and a half yards, so I'll have to use them sparingly.


  1. 你的部落格很棒,我期待更新喔 ........................................

  2. melinda, the things you make are so incredible to me! GORGEOUS. -Maya