Monday, May 24, 2010

pinching pennies part deux

Today I decided I'd take it easy, clean up a little, and stay indoors in hopes that I might not spend any money. BUT as usual, I got cabin fever and decided to give thrifting another try today. So I ventured out a bit further than my typical thrift store haunts and came out amazingly victorious! I have faith in thrift stores again, faith which had been lowered by the fact that many of the local thrift shops have raised their prices and become totally overcrowded and picked over. But this gem of a store provided me with 6 new wonderful additions to my wardrobe, and it only cost me $3.15. Yea, you read that right, three dollars and fifteen whole cents. Here are my finds (minus one silky black top that was too hard to photograph, especially on this terribly fuzzy camera).

This last dress I'm particularly excited about. It's splendor is not done justice in the picture, and it also doesn't show that the dress goes alllll the way down to my feet. But I plan on lopping off all that excess and hemming myself up a nice little summertime frock. I didn't find any green glass this time around, but I still feel quite successful if i do say so myself.


  1. the camera makes it look all dreamy in your apartment!

  2. its the ghettoness of the mac camera that brings it out